PokerStars India App: How to Install it

PokerStars India App: How to Install it

Pokerstars is a Titan in the world of online poker games. It is a platform that is owned by the Stars Group. As of 2020, Pokerstars hold two-third of the world’s share of the online poker market.  Pokerstars is a legal platform on which people can play poker. You can access it from various countries; one of these countries is India.

 If you are an Indian searching for the ‘best legal poker platform,’ then you will have a frown on your brows right now. You must be thinking that gambling is illegal in India, so how can online poker be a legal affair? Well, the Indian Constitution says that any game of art can be legal in India. Since poker is a game of card that requires art to a great degree, it is legal.

 If you want to play the best poker games, then the Pokerstars platform is the best place for you. You can download the Pokerstars app on your device and have easy access to the best poker.

Pokerstars India App Platforms

To download, you will have to undergo three-step simple processes. We are listing them below so that you can install the app on your device. 

Download and Install

PokerStars Download

 If you are from the Indian subcontinent or from the country itself, then you will find the Pokerstars Indian app on the Play Store. To download, you will have to click open the app on the Play Store and tap on the download option.  Search for the install option and then click on it. After the downloading of the poker platform app is complete, you will find a spade-shaped icon click on it, and the Pokerstars platform will be launched. This process will take several seconds or a few minutes. The exact time will depend on the strength of your data connection.

Create Your Account

The second step of getting the Pokerstars Indiaapp is to create your own free account on this platform. To register on this Poker app, you will have to open the software, and then you will have to search for the option that says ”New to Pokerstars? Sign Up”. Once you hit the button, a simple form will crop up right in front of you. You will have to fill up and register yourself as a player of Pokerstars India app before you can do any activity. 

The questions are pretty basic over here, they will ask your name, surname, country of origin, PAN number, etc. You will also have to provide your email address and phone number. Then you will have to create a new user name and set up the password to create an account. Before you can finish this, you will have to agree to the user license agreement of Pokerstars.

Start Playing Poker

Now that you are done Creating your stars’ account, you can enjoy playing poker on Pokerstars. You can choose to explore the app and see what games are available, or you can make a deposit and start playing immediately.

Finding the poker games that you would like is especially very easy on Pokerstars India app. Just tap on ‘lobby,’ and fill out the search criteria for the poker game you would want to play. Soon there would be a list of poker games that you might find interesting. You can choose either of them and start the poker fun right away.

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